About Us

The first record of the business’s existence was an article in the Wanganui Chronicle referring to Albert Vance Stewart as a second-hand dealer. In 1936 Dominion Trading Company was registered as a limited liability company in Christchurch, by his son, Albert Vance Stewart (Vance Stewart).

Vance Edmund Tainui Stewart is the Managing Director and the family company is now into its fourth generation with Nathan Stewart Managing the scrap side of the business and Vance Stewart Junior Managing the office and Human Resources.

The company specialises in the pick-up and export of lead based automotive batteries nationwide and is considered to be the largest battery recycler in New Zealand. The head office is located in Christchurch and operates as a scrap metal yard that services the wider Canterbury, Blenheim and Kaikoura areas. The company has two full time battery drivers based in Christchurch who service the South Island and a further three dedicated battery buyers/ drivers in the North Island. Dominion Trading Company also specialises in the purchase and export of Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We purchase and sell a wide range of metals including steel, stainless steel a variety of aluminium metals, copper and brass including copper pvc wire which we process into clean copper granules, lead and electric motors.

The company offers a free skip and bin drop off and pick-up service throughout the wider Canterbury Region.